A Pollen Fairy Named Squirt

“Hi,” my name is Squirt. “I’m tiny and bright, and I can change colours even at night.”Pollen Fairy Named Squirt

Can you imagine how light a Pollen-Fairy is? On a dark windy night Squirt is sent tumbling down the street and up into the sky. The moonlight offers tiny Squirt hope. “Make a wish, little Squirt. You must believe that no matter where you land, I’m sure you’ll find a friend that will offer you a hand…”, says the moon. All Squirt wishes for is to find a new house, but she finds more. Squirt finds a new home in Natasha’s Wood. A great big maple leaf, as big as a dish, catches Squirt and gently lowers her to the ground. Here in this beautiful secret garden, Squirt finds other magical friends – fairies, dragons and a unicorn – that are full of love and magic, just like Squirt!

This book art campaign has now closed.

The book will be available to purchase soon.

If you would like to submit artwork for the next campaign: Natasha’s Wood and I am Dragon