Gen Jon Vance, Chief of the Defence Staff

“I am very proud of the relationship between the Support Our Troops Program, represented by the Yellow Ribbon, and the Natasha’s Wood Foundation.  Founded by Fay Maddison, the Natasha’s Wood Foundation is a new and unique Registered Charity that will help Veterans, RCMP and the YOUTH in our military families. Inclusive of all kids, the Natasha’s Wood Foundation is especially supportive of those families with special needs children, and families that deserve support due to injuries, whether they be physical or OSI in nature. This includes Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). As a PTSD survivor, Fay is leveraging her love of the arts and is gifting in perpetuity all revenues from sales of her fun, Natasha’s Wood early reader picture book series to the SOT Fund. Children everywhere are invited to submit their art as an opportunity to illustrate these magical picture books. Fay’s intent is to enable children in our communities to create a powerful legacy for children, and by children. As a military spouse for over twenty-five years, I am very proud of Fay’s entrepreneurial spirit, her constant passion for helping children, and her partnership with Support Our Troops, the official charity of the Canadian Armed Forces Community.”