Fay Maddison

Fay Maddison

Author, creator of the children’s global brand Natasha’s Wood

Fay Maddison is the author/ creator of the global children’s brand, Natasha’s Wood™. Fay’s Hollywood global production partners have financing and global distribution available, and are seeking an Australian and co-production film partnership. Fay holds both Australian and Canadian citizenship.

Twiglet yellow grey wings TMAs a uniquely designed registered business, Natasha’s Wood Inc. gifts relevant pieces of its intellectual property (IP), in the name of mental health and wellness, to other Allied charities that support Veteran and serving Armed Forces’ children’s arts programs. In Canada, the Natasha’s Wood IP is gifted freely to the Natasha’s Wood Foundation (NWF) and the NWF has a MOU with the Support Our Troops organisation, signed by the Office of Morale and Welfare. This allows for the NWF to fund children’s programs involving both Veteran and serving Armed Forces families, generating support through Personnel and Support Programs (PSP) and High Five trained staff. In Australia, a Natasha’s Wood picture book, literacy and art partnership is growing through the halo of the Invictus Games.  More news soon about our new partnership in Australia!

Fay began her love affair with the ARTS as a youth studying theatre while growing up in Darwin, Australia. She has worked in theatre on stage, radio drama, film and television in Hong Kong, Australia and Canada. Her past adult literary work has been read at George Clooney, Danny Glover, Quentin Tarantino, Robert Evans, ICON pictures, Sony, Paramount pictures, and other fine producing studios. Fay was also commissioned to adapt a children’s trilogy of novels from New Zealand, and has edited the first draft of an epic Australian World War I feature film screenplay.

With a deep, personal understanding of mental health in the area of post-traumatic stress (PTSD), Fay is a mental health advocate and now volunteers her time with an Australian mental health charity. Fay has several other IP properties being read at Australian production houses. Her focus most days is editing the Natasha’s Wood trilogy of manuscripts adapted from the storyline for children’s TV animation production. Fay also enjoys creating the Natasha’s Wood storyboards and illustrations of the main characters that belong to the Natasha’s Wood children’s sparkling clothing line. Once in stores, Fay will gift a percentage of product sales back to youth programs for Veteran and serving members. I believe in children’s wishes and dreams…

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Author and creator Natasha’s Wood TM
novels to children’s TV film/ animation

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