Elizabeth Lorenzin

Elizabeth is the owner of Lorenzin Research providing moderating and Elizabeth Lorenzinfacilitation services. She has worked with small and large organizations, using research and analytics to  discover insights that solve client, business, consumer and organizational challenges. Elizabeth applies a disciplined, fact-driven approach to answer core strategic questions and identify growth opportunities that are both creative and accountable.

Elizabeth also held senior positions in international market research firms such as GfK Canada and Northstar Research Partners where she informed brand and digital strategy, typically using CX (consumer experience) approaches.

Elizabeth completed a Master of Arts and while pursuing a PhD at the University of Toronto, she collaborated with her colleague, Dr. Sandra Burt, in the publication of “Taking the Women’s Movement to Queen’s Park: Women’s Issues and the New Democratic Government of Ontario“, in Arscott and Trimble, eds., In the Presence of Women, published by Harcourt Brace.

At the core of Elizabeth’s passion and what has sustained her all these years as a moderator and facilitator is her unwavering interest in people’s personal narratives – in essence, their stories. Whether she moderates a focus group of kids, moms, dads, millennials, or seniors or facilitates a meeting of a senior leadership team in the boardroom on the 54th floor of an office tower – she pieces together the various narratives to create common understanding, to tell a magnificent story of people coming together.

And her own personal story? Elizabeth is a mother of two girls who together, live in a small town in southwestern Ontario. Elizabeth also had a son named Luca who’s short but beautiful life propelled his mamma into the role of advocate for children and palliative care. Since that time, any issue that impacts the stories of children’s lives, stirs her imagination and heart.