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At Natasha’s Wood Foundation we work with the Canadian Forces Morale and Welfare Services (CFMWS), the Support Our Troops (SOT), via the Office of Personnel Support Programs (PSP).

Our fun artwork and reading programs encourage children to express themselves, find new friends and build resiliency for their unique lifestyles.  Each year we sponsor Summer Camps where children come together, have fun while creating artwork. Some of the artwork from these camps is chosen to help illustrate the Natasha’s Wood children’s book series. A children’s legacy – created by children – for children.

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Success stories

Coming soon on Kindle: Twiglet’s First Birthday

Twiglet’s First Birthday is our first Children’s book written by Fay Maddison. It is a part of our book series to grant children’s wishes.

In Twiglet’s world, anything is possible. As she finds herself on a very sunny day in a secret garden full of wild and wonderful flowers, a small seed pops up from under the ground. This tiny seed uncurls its first leaves and takes the shape of a small twig. Even though she is just a twig, and not very big, her heart is full of hope. Named Twiglet by her fairy friends, she pledges to catch children’s wishes in leaves as big as dishes.

Twiglet will grow up to be a tall, majestic, maple tree, but Twiglet is more than just a tree, she is magical. As she grows taller, she becomes the meeting place, a safe place, a home away from home for many tiny fairies, baby dragons, and other magical creatures that call Natasha’s Wood their home.

In the magical land of Natasha’s Wood, Twiglet and her friends will show us all just how powerful friendship, hope, and love can be. Even the smallest fairy can offer hope to others!

Now that’s powerful magic – made from love!

Artwork submissions

Fairy Fay

The call for 2022 artwork submissions for our new publication “A Pollen Fairy Called Squirt” are now closed.

For those artists who have submitted their works of art, our reviewing committee will be announcing the chosen pieces of artwork in the coming year.

If you missed our deadline, be sure to encourage kids to draw and create images for our annual art submission for upcoming books yet to be published. Further details to follow.


Each year for the past six years we have granted scholarship funds for youth in the Canadian Armed Forces and Veteran’s families wanting to attend post-secondary education. To find out more about how you can help and support deserving students to achieve their academic dreams, please contact us.

Natasha’s Wood Day

We are extremely proud that Natasha’s Wood Day is held at Canadian military bases across the country. Each year children gather and learn about the endless possibilities of being a steward of our environment. They discuss their dreams of mystical worlds where everyone is included.

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